Black Africa : "Guiné-Bissau: um narco-estado africano"

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IN THE PAPERS: The president shot dead in his palace and the army chief of staff killed in a bomb blast leaves no one in charge in Guinea-Bissau. A “narco-state” where drug barons have almost entirely eaten away any form of legitimate state”. Every day an estimated one ton of Colombian cocaine is flown in by light aircraft.

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13 Responses to Guinea-Bissau: African “narco-state”

  1. busangax says:
    you will understand if you view this against a continent made up of pseudo states that had no say in how they were formed or how their boundaries were drawn. That is the root of the problem; absent a foundation no society can stand. The foundation of modern African states are faulty.
  2. busangax says:
    bla..that is all you got?
  3. Fuchizaa says:
    Your whinning is priceless.
  4. duane2kelly says:
    lets be africans eneough and admit our mistakes i saw this coming stop blaming the europeans this guy has been in power for 24 years what the hell…just dont understand
  5. busangax says:
    It is funny to hear an European especially for the spanish-portuguese or French extraction speak of political civility. What is the political civility is slaughtering millions in the war of independence at GB (Portugal), Algeria (French) or Congo (Belgium)? You folks are hypocrites. The only political civility you have is unending thirst and access to cheap resources. Stay in Europe!
  6. busangax says:
    Of course, that is none of your business because to you every thing is binary: primitive or not. Is it politically correct to admit the millions of Africans slaughtered by Europeans in the past and present to achieve their goal of depleting the continent of her resources? Who is behind the arms and guns supplied to stew up these ethnic hostilities you speak of? Who created the political foundations for such hostilities? Speaking of political correct gibberish. You boy, need to get schooled.
  7. busangax says:
    Of course, while you preach to the choir, Europeans have no right to instruct on ethnic hostilities the foundations of which the laid when they divided up Africa into nations with seemingly no regards history or existing ties. It is the inhumanity of the Berlin conference, that still lives with Africa today: many nations existing as mere geographic terms, bounded by colonial errors and depravities.
  8. busangax says:
    There you go again, you bold face liar (and go find your son by the way!). Here you speak of ethnic hostilities as if it is a uniquely African thing: yeah, boil down all Africa’s problems to inherently primitive problems like greed and ethnic hostilities: rubbish! First off, no where in the world is ethnic hostilities absent. Even the US of A it exists- visit Compton or Alabama. Greed well, let us say is actually European-a la traders in human flesh, corporate greed, swiss corrupt banking system
  9. Fuchizaa says:
    The portuguese colonial rule was repressive and hyper-elitist, no contest there. But that didnt stop Cape Verde, once meant to be united with Guinea Bissau, from developing (in part because a lot of their youths came to Europe to study). In Guinea-Bissau on the other hand, the greatest educational ambition was to learn how to fire an ak47. And that, together with the silly supersticious traditions and the complete absence of political and civic responsabilty made GB what it is today.
  10. JasonPAtkins says:
    I must disagree. I’m an American who works in Guinea-Bissau, and while all of the things you listed exist nationally (and did before the Portuguese got there) they did far more to hurt the country than those things do.
    Centralizing the power and then not training anyone to take it over when they left created a giant power vacuum, facilitating most of what’s happened in the last 30 years. Guineannses are people who get along and look out for each other in general.
  11. Fuchizaa says:
    You’re talking bollocks my son. When will you have the guts to solve your own mistakes instead on blaming it on the Europeans? Fact is that in Guinea-Bissau as in so many other african countries ethnic hostilities, greed and endemic corruption do much more harm to the people than colonialism ever did. But it isnt politically correct to admit it, now is it?
  12. CVGodfather says:
    You’re 100% right.
  13. busangax says:
    yeah look at dem Europeans, acting as if they didn’t create the problems in the first place. Who consumes the coke? Africans? How did Guinea Bissau become unstable? A country that had to undergo terrible massacre in war to gain independence from blood thirsty Portugal? Indeed, left with great debts and seeds of distrust sown was left behind too by the Portuguese. If only you Europeans can just stay in your damn continent.
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